Saturday, April 02, 2005

Opening Day

Tomorrow is Opening Day

It's the Yankees and the Red Sox. Hate them both, especially the fans - Red Sox fans moreso because they're commies.

Think that's mean? Well, I seem to remember the Red Sox calling the Yankees brass an "Evil Empire" because they spent a lot of money and won a lot. The Red Sox also spend a lot of money (their $130 million payroll is twice that of the Rockies') and win less often, though they did last year. At least now they can stop whining about their curse. I'm sure all those family members of Kurds' killed in Iraq by Saddam loved hearing about how tragic the Red Sox tale was. I hope they go another 86 years without winning one.

I dunno. Upset that group A is spending more than you, even though you're bigger than everyone else EXCEPT group A? (USSR, $130 million payroll) Want rules that will only hurt Group A and not you? (Luxury tax) Lose most battles but are able to win some? (Sputnik, 2004 World Series). I'd love to use John Hawkins' definition of projection in terms of the Red Sox calling the Yankees an Evil Empire like Reagan did the Soviet Union. (I hate you becomes you hate me, I'm an evil empire becomes YOU'RE an evil empire), et cetera.

The Yankees are the Capitalists and the Red Sox are the jealous commies. Who do you think I'm rooting for on opening day?

That's right - the Rockies. Just because I can. XP

Post Script: I am truly sorry that everyone in OddyBobo's city must suffer through another season of Lloyd McClendon (and Bill Cowher for that matter)

Post Post Script: I am predicting the following for the 2005 season:
AL East: New York
Al Central: Cleveland
Al West: Anaheim (Sorry, Los Angeles)
Al Wild Card: Red Sox
ALCS: New York over Boston (it's going to be one of these two f*cking teams EVERY F*CKING YEAR until 2011)
NL East: Philadelphia (I was the only person I knew who picked the Braves to win it again last year - no sporting magazine I bought did. I just had the feeling they would make the naysayers eat crow. I don't get the feeling this year)
NL Central: Houston
NL West: Los Angeles (Not Anaheim)
NL Wild Card: Atlanta
NLCS: Los Angeles over Atlanta
World Series: New York over Atlanta

To All You Cubs Fans: No. It's not happening. Go home.

To All You Like-Minded Rockies Fans: No. It's Also Not Happening.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

3/29 Sports Wrap-Up

Today was the day my brackets imploded upon themselves.

Terps season finally ended. I'll leave it at that. They were 1-7 in the 8 games I blogged them, and 3-0 in games I didn't. >_<

Rockies won 4-3 after going into the top of the 9th up 4-0. Dang. 17-11 is the best you'll see that team (Spring Training or no) for a long time. I'm predicting a fourth place finish by no more than 3 games over last. 95 losses are a possibility, with 100 an outside shot.

The Bulls have won six in a row. That's good. The Cavs made a great comeback last night, though I have to be wary of any team that gets down 17 points to New Orleans in the first place. The real question: Will the Lakers finish with a worse record than the Clippers for only the 2nd time in 25 years?

UConn's Charlie Villanueva is entering the NBA draft. I really see him as the sort of pompous type of player whose college game is going to look golden compared to his pro game (Similar to Andrew Bogut, except at least Bogut doesn't have the aura of smugness that Charlie does, which gives him a huge heads-up)

Who goes #1 in the NBA Draft? I'll get back to you the week before. ^_^

Monday, March 28, 2005

Updated Sports Musings

1. Kentucky got ousted on a REALLY questionable set of calls. Illinois is still alive, as is the UNC. Illinois is in my title game. So I have one of two still remaining. I did have 7 of the elite 8 teams correctly chosen, by the way. Forgot about Skip Prosser's Bill Cowher-esque chokes. Did I mention that I told you that NC State was going to beat UConn? ^_^

2. Baylor surprised the UNC women tonight, and Rutgers plays Tennessee tomorrow, so I've still got both my title game teams still alive in that bracket. Maryland lost, whereas I figured their home-court advantage would be enough to overcome Ohio State. It was not.

3. Maryland has somehow gotten to the NIT semi-finals (now that I'm blogging about them again, they're going to lose), and Memphis is still kicking around too, so both of the title teams are still alive in that one. So 5 out of 6. I seem to get a lot better at this come tournament time.

4. Nik Caner Medley has certainly stepped up his game as of late, right? Well, seeing as this is what he's supposed to have been doing since he got to start in the program, I can't say that he's playing like a star. Now that we know he can do it, I'll wait to see if he does it next year before I remove all the criticism I've given him. I think that I'll win this bet.

5. Andrew Bogut is not going to be an NBA superstar, and is not worthy of a #1 draft pick. Please, stop kidding yourselves. It's boguS. If he wins rookie of the year, then sure, I'll eat crow.

6. Pro Basketball: The Bulls have won five in a row while I haven't blogged them, a la the Terps. Though I haven't forgiven them for drafting guys from UConn and Duke (two of my three most hated schools), they're on the right track, even by using those same guys.

7. Non-basketball related: Rockies are 16-11 in Spring Training with four games to play. I wish they could be 82-78 in the regular season with four games to play. But that'll never happen because of everything. Blast you, everything!

Monday, March 14, 2005

NCAA Men's Tournament Predictions

Analysis for all three tournaments will come tomorrow - if I feel any better.

Play-In-Game Winner: Alabama A&M

First Round Upsets (9th seed or higher advances)
Chicago: 9 seed Nevada over 8 seed Texas
Albequerque: 12 seed George Washington defeats 5 seed Georgia Tech
Syracuse: 12 seed New Mexico defeats 5 seed Villanova (in OT)
Syracuse 10 seed N.C. State over 7 seed Charlotte
Austin: 9 seed Mississippi State over 8 seed Stanford

Second Round Upsets (5th seed or higher advances)
Chicago: 5 seed Alabama defeats 4 seed Boston College
Albequerque: All four top seeds advance from Albequerque
Syracuse: 10 seed N.C. state shocks 2 seed Connecticut
Austin: 5 seed Michigan state surprises 4 seed Syracuse
Austin: 9 seed Mississippi State stuns 1 seed Duke in overtime (you read it here first)

Sweet 16 (seed # in parenthesis)
Chicago: Illinois (1) vs. Alabama (5), Arizona (3) vs. Oklahoma State (2)
Albequerque: Washington (1) vs. Louisville (4), Gonzaga (3) vs. Wake Forest (2)
Syracuse: UNC (1) vs. Florida (4), Kansas (3) vs. N.C. State (10)
Austin: Mississippi State (9) vs. Michigan State (5), Oklahoma (3) vs. Kentucky (2)

Elite 8
Illinois vs. Oklahoma State, Louisville vs. Wake Forest, UNC vs. Kansas, Michigan State vs. Kentucky

Final Four
Illinois vs. Wake; UNC vs. Kentucky

Championship: Illinois vs. Kentucky
Winner: Kentucky

Women's NCAA tournament preview

Since two more 64-line posts would be way too long, I'm just going to abridge it.

First Round Upsets (in which any higher numbered team defeats a lower numbered one)
(Location of bracket in parenthesis)

9th seeded Purdue will defeat 8-seed New Mexico (Philadelphia)
9th seeded Louisville will defeat 8-seed Southern California (Kansas City)
9th seeded George Washington will defeat 8-seed Mississippi (Tempe)
10th seeded Houston will defeat 7-seed Boston College (Chatanooga)
10th seeded Utah will defeat 7-seed Iowa State (Kansas City)
11th seeded Rice will defeat 6-seed Georgia (Chatanooga)
11th seeded Old Dominion will defeat 6-seed Virginia (Tempe)

Second Round Upsets, Higher Seed Wins
5th Seed Arizona State takes out 4th seeded Notre Dame (Tempe)
11th Seed Old Dominion shocks 3rd seed Minnesota (Tempe)
7th seeded Maryland surprises 2nd seed Ohio State (Philadelphia)
5th seed Vanderbilt defeats 4th seed Kansas State close to home (Kansas City)

Sweet 16 now looks as follows: (seed in parenthesis)
Chatanooga: LSU (1) vs. Penn State (4), Texas (3) vs. Duke (2)
Tempe: UNC (1) vs. Arizona State (5), Old Dominion (11) vs. Baylor (2)
Philly: Tennessee (1) vs. Texas Tech (4), Rutgers (3) vs. Maryland (7)
Kansas City: Michigan State (1) vs. Vanderbilt (5), Connecticut (3) vs. Stanford (2)

Elite Eight then goes as follows
LSU vs. Texas, UNC vs. Baylor, Tennessee vs. Rutgers, Michigan State vs. Connecticut

Final Four: LSU, Baylor, Rutgers, UConn
Championship: Baylor vs. Rutgers
Champion: Baylor

NIT Predictions

Since I cannot format this correctly, I shall just type in my predictions here, according to the bracket at

Preliminary Round:
1) Rice @ Southwest Missouri State: Winner - Rice
2) Davidson @ Virginia Commonwealth: Winner - Davidson
3) Cal State Fullerton @ Oregon St: Winner - Cal State Fullerton
4) Denver @ San Francisco: Winner - Denver
5) Kent State @ Western Kentucky: Winner - Kent State
6) Houston @ Wichita State: Winner - Wichita State
7) Drexel @ Buffalo: Winner - Buffalo
8) Hofstra @ St. Joe's: Winner - St. Joe's

First Round:
9) Western Michigan @ Marquette: Winner - Marquette
10) Texas Christian @ Miami of Ohio: Winner - Miami of Ohio
11) Oral Roberts @ Maryland: Winner - Maryland (yeah, I know)
12) Rice vs. Davidson: Winner - Rice
13) Cal State Fullerton vs. Denver: Winner - Denver
14) Boston University @ Georgetown: Winner - Georgetown
15) Arizona State @ UNLV: Winner - UNLV
16) Miami FL @ South Carolina: Winner - Miami FL
17) Northeastern @ Memphis: Winner - Memphis
18) Temple @ Virginia Tech: Winner - Virginia Tech
19) Vanderbilt @ Indiana: Winner - Indiana
20) Kent State vs. Wichita State: Winner - Wichita State
21) Buffalo vs. St. Joe's: Winner - Buffalo
22) Holy Cross @ Notre Dame: Winner - Holy Cross (will the Pope be watching?)
23) Clemson @ Texas A&M: Winner: Texas A&M
24) DePaul @ Missouri: Winner - DePaul

Second Round:
25) Marquette vs. Miami of Ohio: Winner - Marquette
26) Maryland vs. Rice: Winner - Maryland
27) Denver vs. Georgetown: Winner - Georgetown
28) UNLV vs. Miami FL: Winner - UNLV
29) Memphis vs. Virginia Tech: Winner - Memphis
30) Indiana vs. Wichita State: Winner - Wichita State
31) Buffalo vs. Holy Cross: Winner - Buffalo
32) DePaul vs. Texas A&M: Winner - DePaul

Third Round:
33) Marquette vs. Maryland: Winner - Maryland
34) Georgetown vs. UNLV: Winner - Georgetown
35) Memphis vs. Wichita State: Winner - Memphis
36) Buffalo vs. DePaul: Winner - DePaul

Final Four:
37) Maryland vs. Georgetown: Winner - Maryland
38) Memphis vs. DePaul: Winner - Memphis

Consolation Game: Georgetown vs. DePaul: Winner - Georgetown

NIT Championship: Maryland vs. Memphis: Winner - Memphis

Thursday, March 10, 2005

TB4 Roundup

...Someone shoot these people. No - seriously. Two ten point leads, and an eventual -22 point differential later, and you lose by 12. It looks like barring extreme pity, that the Terps are headed to the NIT for the first time in quite a while.

Thankfully, the 21-9 Lady Terrapins have no such worries. Good to see SOME people doing their job.

Elsewhere in the world of sports that I follow:
NHL: Still no NHL season. @$$holes. The Blackhawks have yet to win a Stanley Cup with more than 6 teams in the NHL.
NBA: Bulls are 31-27. Surprising. I'm also surprised that the Lakers have fallen into 9th. Don't expect them to stay there. At least not this season.
MLB: Rockies are 7-2 in Spring Training. I know it's Spring Training (and the Indians have the best record in the AL), but when was the last time I saw the Rockies 5 games over .500? I'll take this for the rest of the week as they drop to 8-9.
NFL: Bears grabbed Mushin Muhammed. Good move. Then they signed him for six years. VERY not good move. The guy is worth a two-year deal at most, because then he'll be 33.

Paying attention to sports tends to give me a nasty headache. That, and the f*cking light in my dorm burnt out. Today was not really my day.

Btw, just so I don't forget: Brokaw, Rather, Jennings... Back in 2000, I woulda thought these three would be on till at least 2012. >_<

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

TerpBlogging 4

Well, the ACC tournament starts tomorrow. Maryland plays Clemson at 12 Noon. This doesn't bode well for the Terps, as they were swept by Clemson in the regular season. (according to CBS sportsline, this is the first time this has happened since '96-'97) Coach Williams says there'll be a lineup change, and I have to say that it's about time. We can't give up 90 points to Clemson and expect to go far into the NCAA tournament. If we play as we have the last five games, the Terps will be NIT-bound for sure. No one wants to be NIT-bound in the ACC.

But there's no telling whether Maryland will be able to come out of nowhere to run the table like they did last year. Any one of the top eight teams has a chance to win this tournament, and even Clemson has a much better shot than they normally would have. It should be an interesting ACC tournament for sure. Don't be shocked if you don't see any of the top three seeds in the final round.
Here's hoping. ^_^

PostScript: By the way, what the smurf is with 12-18 Oakland? They should probably rename themselves "Illinois Fodder"

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Caner Medley For President

Because basketball is certainly not in his future.

Another disappointing game, another disappointing loss, and it looks like there's no NCAA tournament birth this year, and whose shoulders does that primarily rest on? This guy's. No one on campus can figure out why this guy gets any minutes, let alone starts.

Too miffed to put up CJ! just yet. Maybe tomorrow.