Monday, March 14, 2005

Women's NCAA tournament preview

Since two more 64-line posts would be way too long, I'm just going to abridge it.

First Round Upsets (in which any higher numbered team defeats a lower numbered one)
(Location of bracket in parenthesis)

9th seeded Purdue will defeat 8-seed New Mexico (Philadelphia)
9th seeded Louisville will defeat 8-seed Southern California (Kansas City)
9th seeded George Washington will defeat 8-seed Mississippi (Tempe)
10th seeded Houston will defeat 7-seed Boston College (Chatanooga)
10th seeded Utah will defeat 7-seed Iowa State (Kansas City)
11th seeded Rice will defeat 6-seed Georgia (Chatanooga)
11th seeded Old Dominion will defeat 6-seed Virginia (Tempe)

Second Round Upsets, Higher Seed Wins
5th Seed Arizona State takes out 4th seeded Notre Dame (Tempe)
11th Seed Old Dominion shocks 3rd seed Minnesota (Tempe)
7th seeded Maryland surprises 2nd seed Ohio State (Philadelphia)
5th seed Vanderbilt defeats 4th seed Kansas State close to home (Kansas City)

Sweet 16 now looks as follows: (seed in parenthesis)
Chatanooga: LSU (1) vs. Penn State (4), Texas (3) vs. Duke (2)
Tempe: UNC (1) vs. Arizona State (5), Old Dominion (11) vs. Baylor (2)
Philly: Tennessee (1) vs. Texas Tech (4), Rutgers (3) vs. Maryland (7)
Kansas City: Michigan State (1) vs. Vanderbilt (5), Connecticut (3) vs. Stanford (2)

Elite Eight then goes as follows
LSU vs. Texas, UNC vs. Baylor, Tennessee vs. Rutgers, Michigan State vs. Connecticut

Final Four: LSU, Baylor, Rutgers, UConn
Championship: Baylor vs. Rutgers
Champion: Baylor